Sunday, 29 July 2012

General Thoughts on The Movie Industry and Gaming.

Sorry folks, I had a bit of a dry spell coming up with ideas for blog posts. Today I'd like to talk mainly about how I believe movies today are a bane on free and creative thinking. You could argue the same thing with video games, this is true, but I'll get to that later. Of late I have been enjoying music from Immediate Music, Two Steps From Hell, and Audiomachine on YouTube. I have no freaking clue what to call the genre of music they fall under, but they're easy enough to find on YouTube if you're interested. I was scrolling through the comments on these videos, and I couldn't help but noticing the alarming number of-- I hate to say it-- cheesy short stories meant to accompany the piece of music. Jake! How dare you call someone's creative interpretation of a piece of inspirational music cheesy?! I know, I know, I'm being a bit harsh, and I will continue to be throughout this, but we live in a harsh world. You'll get over it, I'm sure.

So, why do I call these cheesy comment stories cheesy? Well, first and foremost, all the comment stories were simply rehashing an overused plot template from a movie! If you're thinking, "pfft, big deal," you're not as obsessed about originality as I am. I couldn't help but shake my head at how dependent on the movie industry people have become to express themselves. Every comment story I read on one music peice was the same old love story: A forbidden romance between two people followed by a happily ever after ending. How many times has this been done and redone in some form of entertainment? A million times and then some, that's how many. That's the part that drives me insane. The fact that nobody sees that the creative part of their brains is completely dominated, by the media industry.

What's the solution? Well, so far, there is no logical solution. The impossible solution is to get people to stop watching trashy movies altogether and take a moment each day to think creatively for themselves. Poor chance of that happening any time soon. Same goes for bad video games I suppose, but the way I see it, video games don't affect creativity as much as movies do. Why I think this is because with video games, most people I know don't focus primarily on the story. The vast majority of the gaming community couldn't care less about story in the games they play. With movies, you are forced to focus on the story, because... well, that's all a movie is, really.

I got endless amounts of hate comments when I mentioned this issue on the aforementioned video's comment section. It had a good number of thumbs up for a while, but it quickly plummeted as I got overwhelmed by the teeming numbers of naive hopeless romantics out there who just love themselves a cheesy romance plot. I have no idea how so many people could possibly like that kind of literary refuse (Very harsh! It's still true, though), but it's evident that I'm not changing any minds with my little crusade I've started.

Lastly, why YouTube? Why resort to a media sharing site to post your stories? I can think of a million reasons why not to. Firstly, you only have a 500 character limit. No explanation needed. Why limit your story in such a way when you could make it as long or as short as you want by writing it somewhere else? My second point has to do with the fact that these people freaked out on me for criticizing their 'work'. What did they expect? It's the comment section of YouTube! Anyone can comment freely on it whenever and however they want... If they wanted to avoid criticism, I'm sure there are creative writing sites out there that foster that sort of writing. I makes no sense to bring that kind of stuff to the comments on YouTube. I mean, give your creativity a bit of breathing room by not limiting yourself to 500 characters at the very least.

Sorry again for the lack of new content of late, but I have been distracted by other things as well as having just returned from two week's vacation. Even this blog post is a bit rushed, as I am eager to get something new onto my blog! Anyways, feel free to let me know what you think of this situation as always. I'm always willing to listen to different opinions.